Global Health 50/50 2023 Report

Consent form

As part of the Global Health 50/50 2023 Report, we are inviting organisations to share internal workplace policy documents covering:

● Gender equality in the workplace
● Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
● Anti-sexual harassment
● Results of gender pay gap analysis
● Sexual and reproductive health and justice policies, including those related to menstruation, abortion, fertility support, adoption, surrogacy, antenatal visits, stillbirths, miscarriage, preterm, caring responsibilities, menopause, and domestic violence
● Parental leave allowances
● Flexible working arrangements – including in relation to policies governing remote working arrangements

If you choose to share these internal policy documents, they will be included in the review of your organisation and used to inform the scoring of your organisation across certain variables. Policy documents will be securely stored and will not be published or made publicly available as part of this review.

If you wish to share these documents, please ensure you have first read the information sheet which outlines in full how these documents will be stored and assessed. The information sheet can be accessed here:

Organisations are required to complete this consent form in order to share internal policy documents with GH5050. Once you have submitted this short form, you will be given a link which you can use to share these documents.


Global Health 50/50 2023 Report

5. In order to upload and share internal documents, please confirm the following on behalf of your organisation:
❏ I confirm that I am acting on behalf of my organisation
❏ I confirm that I have read and understood the Information Sheet
❏ I consent to sharing the below internal documents in order for them to be assessed as part of the Global Health 50/50 2023 Report
❏ I consent to GH5050 storing these internal documents as outlined in the Information Sheet
❏ I understand that by sharing these documents, they will be integrated into the scoring of my organisation as part of the Global Health 50/50 2023 Report and consent to this
❏ I understand that sharing internal documents is voluntary and that prior to the publication of the Global Health 50/50 2023 Report, I can request to withdraw these documents from the review of my organisation
❏ I understand the potential risks of sharing internal policy documents