Sex, gender and COVID-19

COVID-19 sex-disaggregated data tracker

Tracking differences in COVID-19 illness and death among women and men

We are currently collecting data on the countries with the highest number of confirmed cases. The tracker is updated weekly (normally on a Wednesday), and we continue to expand the number of countries and indicators included. If you are aware of data that are missing, please send with a link to the source to You can view our protocol for data collection here.

On this page you can find sex-disaggregated data on confirmed cases, hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths. We are also tracking data on confirmed cases and deaths by age, as well as infections among healthcare workers.

Notes on the data:

  • Data are collected from official government sources in each country.
  • The total number of cases and deaths reported below may differ from the most recent numbers in a given country for two primary reasons: 1) Data is taken from the last date that sex-disaggregated data was available, which in some cases is not reported as regularly as total cases/deaths, and 2) these figures reflect the total number of cases / deaths where sex-disaggregated data is available. Some countries only report sex-disaggregated data on a portion of total cases/deaths. 
  • This data is intended to be used to understand the breakdown of cases and deaths by sex, not to monitor overall numbers of cases or deaths per country.
  • Definitions of cases and deaths recorded due to COVID-19 may vary by country.

Last updated: 28 May 2020

Please note, the charts below can be filtered and sorted using the sorting within the table and the filters above the data table. If you only wish to see countries where sex-disaggregated data is available, please select this using the filter above the table. 

In countries where data is available, there is not a clear pattern in terms of whether women or men are more likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19 (indicated by the blue line). In some countries, there is a higher proportion of confirmed cases among women (over 50%), and in some countries, it is higher among men.

However in all countries, the majority of people dying from COVID-19 are men (indicated in yellow).

The second chart compares the mortality rate (here taken as the proportion of deaths among confirmed cases) in women and men. In almost all countries where data is available, it appears men are dying at a higher rate once infected with COVID-19. In most countries, available data indicates that men have been upwards of 50% more likely to die following diagnosis than women.

Here you can find data on hospitalisations and admissions to ICU, by sex, from those countries where data has been located.

Last updated 28 May

Source information

Country Date Source
Spain 21-May
France 21-May
Switzerland 27-May
Netherlands 26-May
Norway 26-May
Denmark 26-May
Canada 25-May
Philippines 24-May
Brazil 18-May
Chile 7-May
Scotland 25-May
Finland 26-May
Sweden 27-May
England and Wales 21-May