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How to use

How to use the portal 

Thank you for taking the time to provide a final review of the data collected on your organisation.

On the following page you will see an overview of the final scoring of your organisation, based on our research and information provided by the organisation during the first validation window.

If you verified your scores previously and did not suggest any changes, there is no action required, as your final scoring will be the same as your provisional scoring.

If you suggested amendments on a variable, these have been reviewed and the final scores have been updated. If you wish to suggest further amendments, you may do so. Please ensure that you share a link as evidence of the amendments you are sharing.

Under certain variables, you may see comments from the GH5050 team, which may include requests for clarifications or to share further information in the amendments box.

Once a section is completed, please click submit. You will be able to return to this link and provide additional inputs as many times as you like until the validation window closes on Thursday 28 January 2021. Following this date, Global Health 50/50 is not able to accept or review any additional information.

If you wish to view your 2020 data verification page, these can be accessed via the tab at the top of this page. Your scores in the previous reports can be found via our Gender and Health Index.

For any questions about the validation process, please do not hesitate to be in touch with us at, and we will endeavour to respond to your question as quickly as possible. Thank you!