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Parental leave policies
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Maternity leave
Paternity leave
Parental leave

08/01/2021 21:52
On this criteria, we follow the policy of PATH, which is the managing institution of the RHSC Secretariat; Please see PATH\'s statement regarding employee parental resources:

26/01/2021 19:26
The RHSC headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium, with staff members also located throughout the United States. For Belgium-based colleagues, new mothers and significant others (married biological fathers or married gay partners) are entitled to four months of paid leave, which can be taken all at once or, with the agreement of the employer, spread out over the first 12 years following the birth of the child. For Washington State-based colleagues, an employee who has worked for at least 820 hours can take up to 12 weeks paid family leave for birth, bonding in the first 12 months after adoption, or fostering a child under 18 years. For Washington D.C.-based colleagues, an employee can take up to 8 weeks of family leave to bond with a new child (including birth, adoption, and foster care placement) within 52 weeks immediately preceding the qualifying event.