Resources on gender and secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

The GH5050 data tracker reports on the immediate health impacts of COVID-19 infection. We recognise that there are many other substantial and severe social, economic and structural outcomes associated with COVID-19, and that many of these outcomes will be shaped by gender alongside other social stratifiers and inequalities. We recommend the following resources as a starting place for further information on the gender dimensions of these associated outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Gendered impacts across society 

Data on gendered impacts of COVID-19

Comprehensive living database of gender and COVID-19 resources 

COVID-19 and sexual and reproductive health

COVID-19 and gender-based violence 

Gender Equity in the Health workforce 

COVID-19 and the gendered burden of caregiving 

Gender, intersectionality and COVID-19

Racial Data Tracker (US)