Briefs and reports from the Sex, Gender and COVID-19 Project

The Sex, Gender and COVID-19 Project is working to build the world’s largest data-base of sex-disaggregated data on COVID-19. Alongside this, we are investigating what roles sex and gender are playing in the outbreak, building the evidence base of what works to tackle gender disparities in health outcomes, and advocating for effective gender-responsive approaches to COVID-19.

Here you can explore some key resources from the project as it works to advance these goals.

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Social media graphics

As the pandemic continues to spread across the globe, we are seeing concerning trends that reporting of sex-disaggregated data is declining. We invite you to join the essential call for more sex-disaggregated data, Here you can find a selection of infographics available to download, use, share and help spread the word that this data matters.

November Update Report graphics

A tweet sheet with suggested tweets to highlight the findings and implications of the November Report can be found here.

General graphics

Resources on gender and secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

The GH5050 data tracker reports on the immediate health impacts of COVID-19 infection. We recognise that there are many other substantial and severe social, economic and structural outcomes associated with COVID-19, and that many of these outcomes will be shaped by gender alongside other social stratifiers and inequalities. We recommend the following resources as a starting place for further information on the gender dimensions of these associated outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Gendered impacts across society 

Data on gendered impacts of COVID-19

Comprehensive living database of gender and COVID-19 resources 

COVID-19 and sexual and reproductive health

COVID-19 and gender-based violence 

Gender Equity in the Health workforce 

COVID-19 and the gendered burden of caregiving 

Gender, intersectionality and COVID-19

Racial Data Tracker (US)