Global Health 50/50 How-To Guides

GH5050 How-To Guides consolidate global best practice and evidence to support organisations in developing and improving gender-related policies and practices. GH5050 encourages organisations to use these guides as a starting point. Recognising that every organisation – their staff, sector, context and experience – is unique, organisations should develop their policies through rigorous, evidence-informed and consultative processes to ensure that they are effective and tailor-made, while increasing ownership and commitment among all staff, management and board members.

To review GH5050’s findings on your organisation, visit If your organisation was not included in the report, we encourage you to take the GH5050 Organisational Self-Assessment.

How to: Measure and address the gender pay gap in global health

This guide seeks to support organisations in measuring, addressing and closing the gender pay gap. The guide emphasises the need to report and act on the gender pay gap and recommends resources to support organisations as they do so.


This guide seeks to support organisations in developing comprehensive policies to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace. It identifies the key components of a sexual harassment policy and presents a number of best practice policies and additional resources on addressing sexual harassment.


This guide provides an overview of the methodology of the GH5050 2019 Report, Equality Works. In response to calls to expand and adapt the GH5050 analysis across sectors and commitments by organisations to use the GH5050 methodology, this guide further aims to support users in monitoring gender-related organisational performance.

Assess your organisation: GH5050 2019 Self-Assessment Tool

This Self-Assessment aims to support organisations that were not reviewed in the GH5050 2019 Report Equality Works, yet are interested in assessing their performance on gender and gender equality. Organisations are invited send this completed form to