GH5050 Impact: Stories of change

From the start, our ambition has been for gender equality and health equity to be at the core of global health policy and organisational decision-making. Since 2018 we have been providing robust data and resources on gender equality in the global health sector and we’ve seen organisations and institutions responding. These are the changes we have seen and the stories of impact we have heard from organisations and stakeholders. If you have driven or witnessed positive change in your organisation we would love to hear your story.

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Five years of change

Since 2018, we have started measuring real change in the global health sector and have heard from many organisations working towards gender equality. This is a summary of five years of progress.

Lessons from Sida

In 2022, Sida used the findings from the GH5050 report to take a major step forward to improve performance on gender in the organisations it works with. Here are three lessons from their journey.

Stories of progress

A selection of stories of progress, as featured in our 2020 Report, which we hope will provide fuel and inspiration as other organisations seek to move forward.

Celebrating change

In November 2018, we launched our Celebrating Change campaign by encouraging organisations to make a public commitment relating to the indicators in our Gender and Health Index.