This is Gender

Global health has an image problem. Often produced by Western photographers and depicting abjection and vulnerability, the standard images used to promote and express the work of the sector risk reinforcing harmful stereotypes and inequitable power relationships.

Since 2019, we have invited photographers and artists from around the world to engage in and submit their work to the This is Gender collection, in a collective effort to reimagine and reframe gender stereotypes and dynamics. These images have been featured in our reports and are available to explore below.

TIGI open call
This is Gender (In)Equality 2023

The This is Gender (In)Equality Open Call aims to collate diverse representations of gendered power, relationships, and experiences, from the intimate private space of the household to the highest levels of political decision-making. Submissions open until 23 April.

TIG Nepal
This is Gender Nepal 2022

Held in 2021/22, This is Gender Nepal is a selection of winning and shortlisted images that showcase artists’ and subjects’ perceptions of gender by exploring the diversity of gender norms, beliefs, attitudes and lifestyles of men, women and non-binary people in Nepal.

This is Gender 2021

1000 moments, 1000 different lives, across 65 countries in the world, This is Gender 2021 provides profound insights into how gender shapes people’s lives in a time of unprecedented social pressure and crisis.

This is Gender 2020

In November 2019, we launched the #Thisisgender photography competition in response to the lack of representational diversity and critically reflective images of gender in global health. Explore this inaugural collection of photos.

Representation Matters

Representation matters is a series of interviews with leading photographers, journalists and cultural practitioners on the importance of reflective representation and why it matters in global health.