Global Health 50/50 2019 Report

The Global Health 50/50 2019 report focuses on gender equality in the workplace, reviewing policies, programmes, and indicators of power and privilege across 198 organisations.

The 2019 Report provides an in-depth look at gender equality within the workplace across four dimensions: commitment, evidence-informed policy content, equitable outcomes in power and pay, and gender-responsive programming.

By focusing its 2019 Report on gender in the workplace, Global Health 50/50 (GH5050) seeks to equip organisations and individuals with the data and tools to review and strengthen their own policies by providing a snapshot of organisational performance and contributing to a community of best practice.

Global Health 50/50 believes that more feminist, diverse and inclusive leadership is imperative for achieving policies and programmes that realise the health, rights and equality of career opportunities for everyone. By sharing these findings, we hope to contribute to a more gender-equal global health sector that works for everyone.

Visit the GH5050 data explorer to view the performance of each organisation.

Global Health 50/50 Report Brochure 2019

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“I believe that global health organisations can lead the way towards better wellbeing, by building fairer, more equal workplaces.”

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand