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The 2023 This is Gender (In)Equality Collection

Global Health 50/50 is pleased to announce four awards in the 2023 This is Gender (In)Equality Collection.

One image in each of the four sub themes of the collection has been selected by our panel of judges for demonstrating a strong and coherent narrative associated with the theme as well as original and distinctive aesthetic qualities. The awards go to:

Gender (In)Equality and health








Take a Break Zoë by Maisie Broadhead, courtesy of Paintings in Hospitals. UK, 2020.

Gender (In)Equality at work








Lunchtime Directions by Cynthia Eisenberg. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019.

Gender (In)Equality and planetary health








The White Man’s Burden? By Madeleina Kay. UK, 2020.

Gender (In)Equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)








Wither by Manjari Dutta. Nepal, 2023.

Congratulations to all the artists. The images are diverse and direct us to the core issues of gender inequalities. They evoke refreshing experiences and reflections and they prompt us to be curious about our realities.

The full collection of 40 shortlisted images is available to browse in an online exhibition. View the images featured in our 2023 Global Health 50/50 Report, Workplaces: worse for women.

Shortlisted images

Our esteemed panel of judges selected 30 artworks and the GH5050 team has chosen an additional 10 images for the shortlist for the 2023 This is Gender (In)Equality collection.

These artworks demonstrate exceptional relevance to the topics explored in the open call, while also exhibiting artistic quality and a creative and appropriate concept that effectively communicates the message of the chosen theme. We extend our congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates for their achievements.

Shortlisted candidates selected by the panel of judges:

A blurred red spot by Silvia Alessi. Afghanistan, 2016.

A Conflict of Interests by Lauren McLaughlin. Scotland, 2023.

A Man’s World by Seldjan Behari. Liverpool, UK, 2022.

Change the Thought by Shahriar Farzana. Bangladesh, 2023.

Colombia by Mahé Elipe. Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, 2023.

Eyes always lie by SViana. Spain, 2023.

Fishing by Women by Abhraneel Chakraborty. Canning, India, 2022.

Free Child Care by Mehreen Zain. Pakistan, 2023.

Hospital Under Devastating Flood Water by Ziaul. Bangladesh, 2022.

Hysteria or misogyny? by Luanne Otero. Puerto Rico, 2020.

It’s not a movie. Stand up! by Gaia Giongo. Milan, Italy, 2023.

Keys to Paradise by Angelina Bogdanova. Russian Federation, Moscow, 2022.

Living Object by Nandita Basak. India, 2022.

Lunchtime directions by Cynthia Eisenberg. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019.

Mother And Mother by Silvia Alessi. India, 2017.

Plastic Workers by Debdatta Chakraborty. Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2018.

Red by Violet Costello. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2022.

Remains of a Home by Trevor Coopersmith. USA, 2023.

Social by Self. Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil, 2021.

The Girl’s Game of Life by Mary Rouncefield. UK, 2019.

The Harbinger of Eternal Death in Tangier by Christine Dixie. South Africa, 2023.

The Private is Political by Silvia Viana. Spain, 2023.

The uneven burden of water by Sudip Maiti. India, 2019.

The urban outing by Mithail Afrige Chowdhury. Bangladesh, 2023.

Topshop by Vanessa Fairfax-Woods. UK, 2021.

Traversing by Shivangi Ladha. UK, 2018.

Wither by Manjari Dutta. Nepal, 2023.

/pəˈfɔːm(ə)ns/: a silent story told, a statement, a performance by Aljohara Jeje. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2018.

The White Man’s Burden by Madeleina Kay. UK, 2020.

Shortlisted candidates selected by the team of Global Health 50/50:

Access W Banking by AyaworanHO3D, Nigeria, 2023.

Alpha woman I by Nifesah Mehru Nisa. Pakistan, 2021.

Another [ab]normal day by Vitória Gonçalves Morão. Porto Velho city, Rondonia State, Brazil Country, 2019.

Glamour by Sofie Lovelady. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, 2022.

Nobody’s Free Until Everybody’s Free by Lauren McLaughlin. Scotland, 2023.

Hormone Cake by Chiara Luxardo, UK, 2020.

Summertime by Ogorogile Nong. Midrand, Kyalami, 2020.

Take a Break Zoe by Paintings in Hospitals and Maisie Broadhead. UK, 2020.

The Right To Play by Lee-Ann Olwage. Kenya, 2022.

Waiting For Marriage II by Nnebuifé Kwubeï. Lagos, Nigeria, 2023.

Cover image: Traversing by Shivangi Ladha, UK 2022.