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Global Health 50/50 launches the Global Health Events Calendar


Global Health 50/50 is pleased to announce the launch of the first GH5050 Global Health Events Calendar

2021 promises to be a busy year for all working in global health as the world turns its attention to vaccine roll-outs, and the global health community continues to build back better to ensure health equity for all.  With this in mind, GH5050 has compiled a key events calendar, providing a central hub for listing the rich breadth and depth of events and days relating to global health that are scheduled throughout the year.

This calendar is designed to give a birds-eye view on all the latest happenings, key dates and significant conferences relevant to the global health community in 2021. 

The Calendar allows you to search for information on a range of international days, conferences and other global health-related happenings as well as see which key dates are happening in the coming day or month.  Looking for a specific event or particular theme? Search the calendar using keywords for a list of relevant events and days. For a comprehensive look at events and days occurring across the whole year, simply switch to ‘list view’. 

The calendar is intended to be a collaborative and iterative project and is by no means definitive. If you would like to see an event listed on the calendar or spot a date that’s missing, please get in touch at