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Issue 2 • Representing Gender in Times of Pandemic • GH5050 Digest

We’re pleased to announce the second edition of the GH5050 digest, the quarterly publication by the GH5050 collective, is now available for download. 

Our second issue, Representing gender in times of pandemic, reflects on what it means to represent gender in times of crisis; in data, in the workplace, in the media, and through the stories that have become salient in our societies. Our ongoing Sex, Gender and COVID-19 Project has raised important questions about who is represented and who is not, how this representation frames our understanding of the pandemic and the actions that are being taken to mitigate it, and rendered tangible the dangers of misrepresentation.  

Through the digest, we explore some of the ways we are trying to shift the narrative on gender through our This is Gender 2021 photography competition, the Sex, Gender and COVID-19 project, and our 2021 report. If you’re interested in joining the GH5050 collective, we’re also highlighting some exciting chances to get involved. 

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