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Inside the Index: A webinar series to connect with GH5050

Global Health 50/50 is more than an accountability mechanism. We’re committed to supporting organisations and the health sector to advance gender equality together. We are also committed to transparency and strive to share our methods and make our data freely accessible. As part of these commitments, we’ve initiated a Q&A webinar series in 2023, called Inside the Index.

The Inside the Index webinars provide opportunities to learn more about the data behind our annual Global Health 50/50 Report and Gender & Health Index and to engage with GH5050 collective members and gender equality experts. The webinar series is aimed at organisations assessed in our Report and Index but is open to anyone keen to know more about our assessment tools and resources. The first two webinars were hosted in February and the recordings are available below. The webinar series will continue at key moments of the Global Report and Gender & Health Index throughout the year.

Inside the Index: Findings from the feedback survey

In 2022, GH5050 commissioned Gender at Work to review the value of the Global Health 50/50 Report and Gender & Health Index and explore ways to improve our research and data collection. Gender at Work surveyed organisations assessed in the Report and interviewed key informants to provide GH5050 with valuable and anonymous feedback. In this webinar Gender at Work present the key findings from this research and GH5050 share our plans for responding to the feedback. The full results of this work are published in the report, Inform, inspire and incite actions to promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Inside the Index: New elements in the 2023 Global Report

The roll back of access to safe abortions in the US, Poland, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras jeopardises women’s dignity, equal opportunities, health and lives. In response to this and feedback from global health organisations, we’ve added two new elements to the 2023 Global Health 50/50 Report. The first element is a review of the workplace policies that recognise and promote the reproductive health and rights of employees. The second aims to touch on organisational culture. More information about both elements is available here. This webinar describes these new elements and how we will be measuring them as well as answering questions about the data collection process. The presentation slides can be downloaded here.

With this webinar series, we’re aiming to share knowledge and resources and connect with you. If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to know more about or formats that would better work for you, we’d love to hear from you: