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New GH5050 Report on care and gender equality in the global food system

Global Health 50/50, IFPRI, and UN Women launched its third annual Global Food 50/50 Report in advance of International Women’s Day. Each year, we explore the obstacles that keep some people from enjoying the same career opportunities as others, particularly those that keep women from participating, advancing, and leading in global food systems.

Care responsibilities, including those that are unpaid, fall disproportionately on women, which has major implications for women’s career opportunities. The Report presents findings on the workplace policies for care and family leave from 51 global organizations active in the global food system, including that

Along with an in-depth look at family-friendly workplace policies, the 2023/2024 Report presents our annual analysis of gender-related policies and practices within 51 organizations. Section 3 of this Report presents our findings on the progress of these organizations since 2021, including on their public commitments to gender equality, workplace policies on gender equality, diversity and inclusion policies, representation in leadership, and policy commitments to collect and report data disaggregated by sex.

Global Food 50/50 (GF5050) is a partnership between Global Health 50/50 (GH5050), the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and UN Women. The initiative monitors progress and holds food system organizations accountable for achieving intersectional gender equality in leadership, adopting gender-equitable internal workplace policies, and implementing strategies that advance progress toward gender-just and equitable food systems.

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