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The Space Between: Gender pay gaps in UK organisations

GH5050 explores the pay gap in its 2023 report ‘The space between: Analysis of gender and ethnicity pay gaps in UK organisations active in global health’. The report reveals that after five years of mandatory reporting, organisations are closing the gender pay gap. The pace, however, is glacial.

Inequalities in opportunities, power and privilege shape our working lives. Career opportunities are deeply different for different groups of people, including access to education, recruitment and promotion, occupational segregation and the so-called ‘motherhood penalty’. These dynamics result in certain groups occupying higher status and better paid positions than other groups – resulting in what are called ‘pay gaps’. Shockingly few organisations in the GH5050 sample voluntarily publish their gender pay gap data – we applaud those that chose to do so. We encourage others to follow suit.  

Read the report here: The Gender Pay Gap in UK Organisations