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The Gender Sessions – celebrating IWD 2021 with The China Current

The Gender Sessions is a new series, presented in partnership by The China Current and Global Health 50/50 and presented by James Chau. It explores the human stories behind gender, health and equality — and honours the work of women, men and gender nonconforming people everywhere. In the run-up to International Women’s Day, the series connects with experts extending that legacy.

In the first episode of the series, Dr. Zahra Zeinali, an Iranian physician based in Berlin and Global Health 50/50 Researcher, looks back at the Beijing Women’s Conference, a landmark event in 1995 that provided a platform for action and unleashed liberation movements globally. Watch now.

The road to representation has taken different paths around the globe. Tiantian, a researcher at Global Health 50/50, shares how the women’s movement in China brought about more representation of women in mass media and a new understanding and structure to the work of civil society. Watch now. 

In the third episode of the series, GH5050 Programme Manager Anna Purdie discusses how progress is never a straight path – and the mechanisms we need to ensure that, in the face of setbacks, progress on women’s rights is safeguarded. Watch now. 

In the fourth episode, GH5050 Co-Director Professor Hawkes shares how the Beijing Declaration brought people of all genders together from across the globe and helped emphasise that gender equality is everyone’s fight – and that ultimately, fighting that fight will benefit everyone. Watch now. 

In the fifth episode, GH5050’s second Co-Director Professor Kent Buse speaks to the role men can play in levelling the playing field for gender equality. Watch now.